Monday, April 1, 2013

Gas Cap Alternative from Mercedes for VW

I was at Wawa the other night getting a sub and some gasoline when a couple in a convertable VW modified into a porsche speedster pull in to the pump next to me. We started talking and looking at engines. I finally went in to pick up my sub, hopped in the van and merrily drove away, losing another gas cap but not pulling the hose off the pump.
Saturday morning, I am at Crazy Ray's on route 1 in Jessup, Maryland, an awesome pick and pull junk yard, with my shopping list which included a gas cap. None of the VW caps looked right so I pulled this cap off an 80's mercedes diesel D300. It looks like the the same cap as the 80's gasoline mercedes.
It fits nice and tight.
So, next time you are in the junkyard, pick a spae cap off a mid 80's MB.
installed, snugs right up

top, nice patina, solid

bottom, about 2"+ for the outside diameter of the fill pipe

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