Friday, October 31, 2014

New Exhaust


The S&S Exhaust that I put on the van maybe 5 years ago finally failed. There was a good sized split upstream of the O2 sensor just after the collector. I welded on a patch which was really just some welding practice. It closed the gash but did not seal it. I was hoping that the patch would help the rough running, hesitation issue.
I did not notice a change and I had the hesitation right at start up - so probably not the O2 sensor since I understand that does not even come online until a few minutes in.
Well, the muffler and cat/pipe fell off. The van stopped running and I had AAA get us home.
Ordered a new exhaust - close to OEM - from van cafe but it was back ordered so used Joe at eVW.
With the new OEM like exhaust, I discovered that the oil filter on the oil cooler sandwich plate would no longer fit.
Figured out that the filter for a 1987 Saab 900 is the proper dimensions. We will find out if it is the proper spec.
Finished this all up last week but have not had the time to test drive. Since I put a new filter on, I will change the oil as well.

Patapsco State Park - Avalon Area

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